Find the Best Travel Deals

These days you have to be a savvy shopper to track down the best bargains. Big credit card companies have got point programs that give you access to discounts on all kinds of travel, but they can sometimes come with restrictions – you might, for example, find a great offer on a plane ticket, but then you can only book one at that price or you may to have to fly on their time schedule.

Whether you’re looking for a family vacation, weekend retreat or a girl’s weekend away, Travel Coupons can save you $$ and sometimes even get you the lowest price.

If you’re planning to travel, plan your itinerary by checking online first. Look for promotional offers. Make sure to read the offers and codes in their entirety, because each one might have different rules. Then make a note in a binder or digital file as to which ones will benefit you because it might be difficult to keep them all straight after you’ve found a few.

Sign up online for newsletters, e-mail updates and price alerts. If you are flexible with your travel dates or can go on last minute vacations you can often score rock bottom prices that way.

Invest your time and check the sites everyday or at least once per week. Sites often change their deals and codes frequently, and prices can drop or skyrocket literally overnight.

Be sure to sign up for a rewards program if you aren’t already part of one. This may allow you to “double dip” by using a code (like those found at OneTravel promo code) and points or offers from the brand (hotel, car, airline) as well. Again, just check the fine print as many of these points can expire if you don’t use them – your best bet would be to find rewards programs that roll your rewards so you can bank them to redeem in the future.

Promo codes and travel coupons aren’t just for lodging and transportation. Look around and you can find deals for food and entertainment at your destination as well.

So reap the deals by planning online, and figure out how to make the promo codes and travel coupons work for YOU.

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