BOLD Organics Gluten-Free Pizza

This past week I’ve spent exactly two full days cleaning.

That’s what you have to do when your house is on the market. Up at dawn, beds made, carpets vacuumed, kitchen cleaned. And I wanted to leave it that way…at least for one night, the kitchen being cleaned that is. So on Tuesday when I headed out to do grocery shopping I picked up a couple of BOLD Organics Gluten-Free Pizzas with some complimentary coupons I received. Dinner, kitchen stays clean…I think I scored!

BOLD Organics Gluten-Free Pizzas aren’t just gluten-free they’re also dairy and allergen-free (milk, lactose, casein, whey, egg, peanut and tree nut free).

They contain no GMOs, preservatives, nitrites, nitrates, or transfats. WOW! So not only are they a good choice for those that are choosing to eat gluten-free, but also for those that have to eat gluten-free, and for those that are lactose intolerant and/or have other food allergies. We ate both the Vegan Cheese and Meat Lovers varieties, they also come in a Veggie Lovers and Deluxe flavor as well.

Each pizza has two servings. They look a little small for that (or so I thought), but once you start eating you realize how filling they are. Now granted, I’m guessing a full grown male or teenage boy would have no problem eating a whole one (or two!) on their own for a meal.

I followed the instructions on the box as to baking temps and times, but found that I could have done it for less than the recommended time in my oven. The toppings got a little ‘crisp’, but it was certainly still edible and palatable I might add, ever though the pepperoni got a little dark. The crust was perfect though just a bit crispy around the edges but soft on the bottom and inside.

The pepperoni on the Meat Lovers Pizza is fantastic. I’m not even a big pepperoni lover, I generally don’t order it on my pizzas at all, but on the BOLD Organics Gluten-Free Pizza…I was actually picking the pieces off one by one, and enjoying them singly on their own. I was disappointed when I had finished them all. On the other hand, we did find the sauce on the pizzas too spicy for our liking. We have very bland palates, so your tastes might vary on that opinion.

If you have someone in your family that has allergies and has distraughtly had to put pizza on a “don’t eat” list, try BOLD Organics Gluten-Free Pizzas. I thought I’d notice right away that the cheese on the pizza wasn’t dairy cheese, and I didn’t. It was very good. Very good indeed.

BOLD Organics is now sold in stores such as Whole Foods, Vitamin Cottage, Dierbergs, Earth Origins, and Market of Choice as well as many other national supermarket chains and health food stores. I found it in my small city, so if you live in a decent sized place, I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to find it. If you can’t the company also sells online through Gluten Free Mall.

As noted in the post I received complimentary coupons to review the BOLD Organics Gluten-Free Pizza. All opinions are my own.