Fantastic Sweater Dress Tunic – Soft and Warm for Fall and Winter

So it seems a little strange that when it’s 94 degrees in North Texas, I’m talking about a sweater dress 😉  But fall will be here before we know it, segueing quickly into winter.  Sure enough when you go into retail stores these days, I’ve noticed that all the summer items are on clearance and they’re already bringing in the heavier autumn/winter garments.

I was given a code to purchase this V28® Women’s Cowl Neck Knit Long Sleeves Sweater Dress Tunic at no cost to myself.  I chose the Khaki color, and ordered a medium which is to be equivalent to a US size 4.  So you can get an idea of sizing, I am 4’9″ tall and weigh just over 100 lbs.sweater dress tunicThe dress is ‘short’ comparatively as you can see since I’m not tall at all!  So I would consider it more a tunic than a dress.  I don’t think I’d wear it without a pair of leggings.  I think the sleeves are a normal length, as I had to roll them up just once.

The medium size is a bit big on me, but I don’t like my clothes super clingy so I’m okay with it, they actually didn’t offer the sweater dress tunic in a small, but if they had I think I could definitely gotten away with the smaller size without feeling like I was being ‘pressed’ into it.

I’m really happy with the khaki color and the fabric is a nice weight and is soft.

The sweater dress tunic is constructed in a quality fashion.  The seams are finished properly, the lacey tiered portion is well made and the ribbed columns are flat and not twisted.  The gems are just adhered on with some sort of fabric glue I assume, while most of them are stuck on fast, a few of the smaller ones are lifting, but don’t seem in jeopardy of falling off.  I haven’t washed it yet though so I’ll update when I do if they still stay on after that.In summary: it’s cute, great quality, very warm and cozy.  I would recommend buying it if you are the type to wear longer tops with tights and boots.

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