Beautiful Hand Painted Wine Glasses

So you all know that I love coffee, but I also love a good glass of wine.  When the dinner hour rolls over into the evening, I often sit back, relax and pour myself a glass of white or red.  Valentina Paris recently sent me a couple of hand painted wine glasses to pour my nightly imbibe into and I have to say these wine glasses are unique and absolutely beautiful.Hand Painted Wine GlassThey perfectly say, “Have a wonderful time!”  The quality of them are really noticeable.  The photos really don’t do them justice.  They are a conversation piece while entertaining for sure.

Valentina Paris artists’ design each wine glass in Paris  and they are all made by mouth-blown glass.  I love that they have a bit thicker of a rim and a heavier stem because they are really large glasses.  They are definitely not flimsy.  The shape of the glass is made to enhance both red and white wines, so that they are able to breathe and so you have plenty of room swirl them and smell the aroma before sipping.  That’s the reason they are so large.  They have a volume of about 24 oz., so don’t be filling the whole thing up with wine!The hand painting is done very well.  The colors are bold enough to see them, but muted enough that they will add that special touch to any dinner table setting.   Because they are hand painted take the extra care to hand wash them as well so you can ensure they will last a long time without fading.While indeed I am thoroughly enjoying my evening glass of wine in these just in the comfort of my own living room, they would make an excellent wedding, bridal shower or house warming gift.  I know quite a few people that would appreciate a couple of them paired with a good bottle of wine for a birthday or anniversary gift as well.  They are a perfect gift for a person who has everything and loves wine and make a great one of a kind gift.

What’s just as impressive as the wine glasses is Valentina Paris’ commitment to their customers.  They offer a 100% GUARANTEE: If for any reason you don’t absolutely love their glasses, they’ll replace it or give you 100 percent of your money back.  How’s that for standing behind their product?

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