It Takes a Village and Family Law Solicitors…

I have a long time friend who is in the process of adopting their fourth international child.  She and her husband are an amazing couple that are determined to give the children placed in their lives every opportunity they can.

After three natural born children they felt the push to help more kids and pursued a longing to adopt from Africa.  After waiting and waiting, a lot of red tape, and the help of , they were able to bring home their new son and daughter.

Their family has been lucky enough to travel a lot, due in part to her husband’s military occupation.  Having been stationed in Hawaii and now Germany they have a global perspective that many don’t get.   They have since opened their home to a little Italian girl, whose mom needs to get back on her feet.

family law solicitors

Now they are in the process of adopting another son from Haiti.  It’s been years in the making, with fundraising events, and family and friends supporting them along the way.  They are so excited to finally meet this little boy that they’ve been waiting years to adopt.

What they’ve learned over the years is that in order to have a global family they’ve had to accept help from others.  Sometimes that means asking others to watch the children at home while they go overseas to meet and finalize adoptions.  Other times it may be monetary help.  Often it is asking for the best resources, to help them go over legal papers and plan their future so they know that these children they’ve spent so much love over to bring home are looked after should something happen to them.

Giving your family the best isn’t always easy, and we don’t all have the same reasons to seek out a solicitor as my friend does.  But we all have many roles in life, whether it’s marriage, parent, caregiver, child, and each of those has a different reason to seek out for a plan for your life.  Don’t put that phone call or appointment off, take care of it so you can enjoy life knowing that you’ve taken care of what matters most… your family.

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