Envirosax Reusable Shopping Bags Giveaway

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Eco-friendly Envirosax reusable shopping bags are a stylish way to tote everything from groceries to library books.

Trendy, affordable and easy to take with you because of their compact design, Envirosax help you keep the Earth greener one bag at a time. I love that their Pouches come with five coordinating bags, wrapped up. The pouch itself is about the size of a wristlet, and the bags when not in use are not much bigger than a cell phone. See for comparison.

These bags are super strong, holding up to 44 pounds! Take a look at what I got in this bag (with lots of room left!) all without even pulling at the seams:

* 2 Liter of pop
* 2 cartons of ice cream
* chocolate bars
* some razors
* macaroni and cheese

And should some of your food leak…or if you’re using it to carry your stuff to the pool, these bags are machine washable, so no worries! Made out of material that resists water – if you happen to have to go out in the rain, Envirosax has your items covered – literally.

Envirosax has a great fun line of patterns and colors for everyone. They have bags for kids and their newest designs feature global travel spots like New York, Sydney and Paris. The ones I’m featuring in my post are the Pouch filled with the Oasis line. The colors are just what you think of when you are thinking cool and relaxing. I love how they are all different, but still match.

Envirosax are a fun way to gift a little extra when you’re giving a present. With summer weddings abounding, why not pick up a number of them and give your bridal shower gift inside an Envirosax bag rather than picking up a paper gift bag or wrapping paper? It’s like two gifts in one! The kids ones would be a nice way to give a birthday present in.

You can see all the different patterns that Envirosax has on their site, as well as connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.

Envirosax is giving one reader an Oasis Pouch which includes five Envirosax bags, a $39.95 value.

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Please follow the instructions in each for your extra entries found under the “click for instructions”. They are NOT difficult to follow and are easy to do if you follow the instructions. If you do not fill in the requirements in the “EXTRA INFORMATION” field, there is no way to verify it, and the entry will not count.

Now let’s get to it!

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