Educational Toys for Rainy Days

Photo Credit – oskayI’m so excited that the weather is finally nice enough to spend time outside.  Winters are long here in South Dakota!  For months, I long to be able to walk outside, go to the park or the pool.

But inevitably even in summer there are days where it is too wet or windy to spend time outside, and then you and the kids, are stuck inside.  Then you will likely hear “Mom, I’m bored, there’s nothing to do”.

Of course most of your children (like mine), I’m sure, have plenty to do, but sometimes something new brought out of the cupboard brings a lot of excitement to the table.

Educational kids toys are great to pull out, your kids will be having fun with something new, and since most of them aren’t doing school work all summer, this will help to reinforce concepts and keep them fresh in their minds until fall.

One game Amber really enjoyed playing when she was Kindergarten age was Monopoly Jr.  That’s a great game to practice math skills with those just learning to add and subtract.

Science kits are always fun to play with.  You can get them for all kinds of interesting topics.  How to Photo Credit – trailmixnetmake radios, kits dealing with space or animals.  Sitting down as a family and working on a science project together would make a rainy afternoon go by quickly!

Jigsaw puzzles of all sizes can be purchased affordably.  Great for teaching logic skills, problem solving and perseverance!  Your kids might even want to stay in on sunny days and finish one they’ve been working diligently on!

Small undecorated boxes purchased at a craft store can be painted and decorated with stickers, plastic jewels, or coins, making a treasure box fit for a princess or a pirate.  Fine motor skills are reinforced, and if you like, you could go over the color wheel with your children, letting them mix primary colors together to make new ones.

There are many other toys that you can purchase that are educational, to while away those dreary days, and yes even video games can fit in that category too!

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