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As a Soft Scrub Club Captain, I got to review the Soft Scrub Total Bath & Bowl.   (Even though I also used it in my kitchen sink!).  But now there is a dedicated variety just for your kitchen the Soft Scrub Total Kitchen.

You can replace your arsenal of cleaning products with Soft Scrub® Total Kitchen cleanser, it’s powerful enough to clean and degrease your entire kitchen.

The utalitarian nature of the bottle is what I like the most about this cleaner.  The trigger can produce a mist or a foam depending on your preference, and the fact that you can spray it upside down to get those corners makes though contortionist moves unnecessary.

I haven’t used this on my granite counter tops as they aren’t sealed.  I am hesitant to use much more than pH neutral dish soap on them, because I used a cleaner once that said it was safe but discolored a portion of the counter top.  Soft Scrub says that you can use it on granite but to be sure you don’t let it sit on the suface too long and wipe it off quickly, however it doesn’t say if its sealed or unsealed (or both) that they’re referring to.

I think the scent is quite strong, so when you’re spraying enclosed spaces like your sink or microwave, just make sure you don’t inhale the mist spray.

If you are interested in trying Soft Scrub Total Kitchen, has a $1.00 off coupon for you.

 “I wrote this post as part of a blog campain by Mom Select on behalf of Soft Scrub and received a free coupon for a bottle of Soft Scrub Total Kitchen to facilitate my post.”

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  1. I cannot wait to try it! Thank you for the link to the coupon.

    denise_22315 at yahoo dot com

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