Deciphering Investments

I have a question for the married women who come to read my blog.  When it comes to money management in your home, who takes charge?  Your husband or you?

This isn’t a trick question, I’m just curious.  In our home it’s mostly my husband.  He keeps track of everything using Microsoft Money, and most of our bills are paid directly. If a check needs to be written and mailed, I generally do that, because my handwriting is neater, haha!

When it comes to our savings and investments though, I’m completely hands off.  Hubby does all the online stock trading, buying and selling, researching possible new investments, and honestly I like it that way.  I trust him completely, as he always tells me what’s going on, but I have no desire to get involved in the daily activity of it.  The Dow and Nasdaq all seem like some kind of code.

I have no doubt I could learn all about it, but I don’t want to.  Of course, I know I should, in case something happens to him.

So, I guess I want to know how common (or uncommon) it is for the wife in a household to do the financial planning for the family.

Somewhere along the line I think I need to take more of an interest because while I’m content with the way we handle the financials in our home, I don’t want to send the message to our daughter that women shouldn’t or can’t do it.

I need to find some balance that I’m comfortable with that doesn’t leave me stressed out, so rather than diving into stock trades, maybe I should start researching ways to grow some of our current investments like IRAs.

Leave me some comments how you started getting involved in investing, or if you’re hands off like me, let me know that too, so I can reassure myself I’m normal .

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2 thoughts on “Deciphering Investments

  1. I do all the bill paying, but I’m getting tired of it. The busier I get with the kids, the harder it is to keep track of all that stuff. The days fly by and I’ve had some close calls on almost being late with bills. I’d love for my hubby to help me out!
    Investing….scares me. We try to make decisions together, but neither of us feel like we know what we are getting in to. I feel like I need to learn more about it too.

  2. I do all the bill paying and budgeting. I keep a spreadsheet and folder of bookmarks on my computer so if he looked, he'd able to pay the bills. But right now, he's clueless.

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