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Taking care of your skin undoubtedly has its cosmetic benefits, but more significantly, it also plays a large role in overall health. When there is dry skin, discoloration, wounds, rashes, bruises or other injuries, people are immediately aware something is wrong on the outside and maybe even on the inside. Keeping skin healthy allows it to offer protection from environmental harms and infections as well as produce important vitamins.

You can go about good skin care naturally by using toxic-free skin care products that feature the benefits of pure ingredients.

You don’t need to get premium cosmetics – simple can be better.  Here are some products from Eco Natural Soap that can promote great skin:

* Tepezcohuite Acne & Troubled Skin Face Bar – this cleans out and un-clogs sebaceous glands by addressing the body’s sebum output with natural oils instead of alpha-hyrdoxy acid (many shelf products are made with that), which tends to dry out the skin.  The Bentonite clay deep cleans pores, removing dirt; absorbing dead skin, pimples and blemishes.  The Tepezcohuite kills bacteria and soothes irritated skin.  This is a bargain at $4.69 since it’s a hard, long lasting bar. 

* Tepezcohuite Acne & Troubled Skin Balm – designed to be used in conjunction with the above skin bar, for a 2 step treatment.  It’s concentrated so a little goes a long way.  Not just good for acne, it is also effective for psoriasis, eczema and rosacea, and for use on burns from cooking, accidents or sunburn.

* Seaweed & Cucumber Exotic Butters Complexion Bar – this is an incredible moisturizing soap.  It’s great for removing makeup.  The soap ingredients include Chlorella Vulgaris which scientific studies have shown to reduce facial skin imperfections.  It also naturally encourages collagen regeneration.  Did you know that most collagen in cosmetics comes from chicken’s feet?!

* All Natural Baby Diaper Rash Butter – not just for babies!  This butter is effective in controlling bacteria, fungus and yeast on any skin type.  We’ve been using it on ringworm on the legs and it has been noticeably clearing up!  You only need a tiny bit, since it’s very concentrated.  I like the idea of a natural product to clear up the fungus, we were spending $5.00+ for every tube of store brand tinactin that wasn’t lasting very long, and not really helping the issue at all.

* The “Closest Shave” Sensitive Skin Shaving Bar – I’m a shaver, not a waxer or an epilator.  So I was so pleased with the outcome of using this soap.  It makes your skin super easy to glide your razor over, and helps reduce irritation caused by shaving like the tiny bumps and redness.  It’s pure and the Citrus blend smells so clean and affordable at just $3.99.

* Chef’s Friend Odor Remover Bar – no kitchen should be without this!  Made with 100% Sumatran Coffee, it removes odor from all the nasty smells that you get while preparing your meals.  It also works well on clothing (under arms anyone?  ewww), to remove stubborn odors.  The best thing is, there is no odor to the bar itself, so you aren’t masking anything by using it, or adding anything else, it just gets rid of the smell, plain and simple!

Expensive cleansers are often filled with a lot of water and only have a small percent of ‘active ingredients’ in them.  So why pay for high-end brands that are shelf stable because of preservatives and toxic ingredients?  If you don’t need it, why pay for it?

Eco Natural Soap creates safe and natural skin care products.  What’s not in your skin care products is perhaps more important than what is in your skin care products.  You can control what goes on your body by using a few essential skin care products, all of the ingredients that are in Eco Natural Soap products are listed on their site.  They offer cleanser and moisturizing products, which are toning, calming and useable on all skin types.

For more information and testimonials visit

Eco Natural Soap has graciously sponsored a giveaway for my readers.  One winner will get to pick their choice of 3 bars of soap, 2 balms & 1 butter!  Wow!

To enter the giveaway visit Eco Natural Soap and let me know which items you will choose if you win.  You can enter daily. 

Open to US Residents ages 18+, ends February 8, 2011 at 11:59 PM CST. Winner will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.  E-mail must be in comment or submitted when entering.  By entering this giveaway you are stating that you have read my **Privacy/Rules statements and agree to them.

“I wrote this post on behalf of Eco Natural Soap and received samples as a thank you for posting.”

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