DripJoy Single Serve Coffee

We received DripJoy coffee at no cost for the purpose of this post. All opinions are our own.

To know me is to know that the FIRST thing I do in the morning is get a cup of coffee brewing.  I have a dedicated coffee bar in my office area that really is almost an embarrassment when it comes to the coffee stash that’s hoarded in it.   My husband has to get up quite a bit earlier than I do in the mornings and he already knows that it’s in his best interest (HA HA!) to turn on my single serve coffee machine so it’s ready to go, so I can just put the k-cup in and press the button to get that coffee brewing.  So when I was approached by DripJoy to try out a couple of their coffee blends that are included in their subscription service, you know I didn’t turn them down.

While I was waiting for my coffee delivery I did a little reading up on DripJoy and was instantly impressed when I read that they partner with farmers in over 6 countries and 3 continents to ensure that their coffee is sourced responsibly and sustainably. Their farmers are trained and equipped to harvest cherries at their ripest moment, ensuring the most robust flavors, maximizing the yield of each tree, and improving the farm’s sustainability.

WAIT HOLD THE PRESSES.  For all the coffee loving, drinking and obsession I have with this beverage THIS IS THE FIRST time I’ve ever heard that coffee beans are grown in pods called cherries.  I kind of like DripJoy even more since I learned something new.  Okay we’ll carry on now.

They leverage local cooperative wet mills to separate beans from the cherries, allowing their farming communities to use centralized infrastructure to expand opportunity in their local economy.

Finally, their coffee is ground and packaged to lock in the flavor. The K-Cup®-compatible cups are engineered to maintain the coffee’s freshness all the way to your cup.

What’s not to love about that?!  And at this point I had not even tried the coffee yet 🙂 

single serve coffee

DripJoy is available in 7 roast/flavor options:

Morning Joy – Medium/Dark Roast 
Dark Bean Daydream – Medium Roast
Colombian Cheer- Medium Roast
French Elation – Dark Roast
Vanilla Jubilee – Medium Roast
Happy Hazelnut – Medium Roast 
Delightful Decaf – Dark Roast

I received the Dark Bean Daydream and Colombian Cheer to try.  

Dark Bean Daydream has hints of chocolate and lemon.  This is my new morning go to.  A single cup of coffee–with the exact roast and flavoring I want.  If it wasn’t for the pick me up I’m getting from it, I might just ditch the daydream and climb back into bed (oh if only!).  I feel the flavor is on par with some high profile coffee brands.

Let me point out that DripJoy single serve coffee are Keurig-compatible capsule coffees.  If you have one of the first new Keurig 2.0 machines, you’ll know (as I found out early in the game) the machines only accepted proprietary capsules in them and unless you were able to rig up your machine you can’t just brew any brand of K-cup in it.  No fears here DripJoy will work in your Keurig, as well as any other single serve machine that uses K-cup capsules (I personally use an iCoffee most of the time, although I do have an original Keurig 2.0 in my coffee bar as well).

The Colombian Cheer has notes of cocoa and guava providing a semi-sweet and fruity experience.  While a fine coffee with an interesting flavor profile, I found to experience the flavor better I had to brew a stronger cup with less water.  It’s surprising how much I depend on the extra 2 oz in my typical 8 oz brew, but found it a little on the weak side with 8.  Let me be clear that this is not a shortcoming of the coffee, and that a lot of coffees both traditionally brewed and single serve are actually roasted and ground for 6 oz, I just like 8 oz in my mug 😉 

Both blends were fresh (yes, I’ve had ‘stale’ k-cups even before the “best by” date).

DripJoy is a subscription service (although they have buying boxes individually coming soon), that starts at $14.99 a month for home use. You can also have a premium brewer included in your first shipment for a one time charge.  

They are all about catering to your needs, so depending on how many cups a day you drink and how many coffee drinkers you have in your home, they’ll build a subscription to fit you, and the more you order the more you’ll save.  I answered the questions and was given a number of options including one for 48 JoyPods delivered per month.  I feel the price at $24.98/month, allowing for 4 different roasts/flavors is an average value.  52¢ is a pretty standard price when buying in bulk at say Sam’s Club or Costco but with DripJoy you get the value added here of not having a huge box of all one kind, especially if you’re like me and like to mix your coffee blends and flavors up over the course of the day.  They also offer subscriptions for businesses. 

On another note, the packaging is fun.  I mean who doesn’t want a smiley face peeking out before you close the lid down and press the brew button?  I’m not much for morning interaction before that first cup of java, but I’m kind of tickled when I see the little DripJoy face looking up at me.

Want to check them out?  Visit https://www.dripjoy.com/.  Find the ways you can buy it, gift it and learn about their unmatched 30-day money back guarantee.  Not ready to commit (no judging here a coffee relationship is a serious thing!), you can order a sample pack of JoyPods for just $1 with free shipping to try them out.   If you have any questions for me leave a comment below, I’ll be sitting here sipping on my Dark Bean Daydream and will reply as best I can 🙂 

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