Playster – Your One-Stop Shop for Unlimited Entertainment!

We want to start by saying a very special thank you to Playster for gifting us a 3 month trial to the service for the purpose of this post.

Recently I had the chance to try out  PLAYSTER, a one-stop shop for unlimited entertainment.  Playster is an app subscription service that brings you games, books, audiobooks, music and/or movie content.



We’ve been using it for a few weeks now and here are some great things about it:

  • Easily accessible: Playster has the biggest digital catalog on the web, all of which can be effortlessly accessed through the Playster app or in your browser. Browse through a fantastic selection of movies, music, books, audiobooks, and games. No restrictions! 

  • Affordable: Bundling your movies, music, books and games saves you money. Get more content for less and jump for joy!
  • Enjoyable for all: The possibilities are endless. Because of Playster’s diverse library, kids, teens and adults alike are sure to find something just for them.

Playster boasts a large collection of educational and entertaining TV content for kids. Newly added television titles include preschool favorites Franny’s Feet, an animated series about a five-and-a-half-year-old girl who sets out on magical adventures, Bo On the GO!, which promotes an active lifestyle and mind, and Animal Mechanicals, an action/adventure series starring mythical creature.

This service is truly unlike anything I have used for digital content.  The variety of genres and the ease of use puts the subscription in its own category, and it has both popular content and titles that are gems to discover.  Playster can be utilized on multiple devices at once, all streaming different things.  Say goodbye to having to remember passwords for multiple streaming apps.

When you bundle you save!  $24.95 a month gets you unlimited access to all the content on Playster.  That’s affordable entertainment!

FREE to try for 30 days, and after that services start at just $3.95 a month with no commitment, you can cancel at any time.  As a bonus offer if you subscribe to unlimited service of books, music, movies and games for 12 months, you can receive the $0 Playster Combo Box.   Just pay the shipping of $9.95 (Terms apply).  

Visit Playster now to enjoy the fun with loads of games, music, books, audiobooks and movies.

1 thought on “Playster – Your One-Stop Shop for Unlimited Entertainment!

  1. Ooh I’ve been looking for an app sub like this! I need to check it out. If I get a whole bunch of separate ones it starts getting pricey.

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