Drinkmate OmniFizz Beverage Carbonator is the Perfect Gift for a College Student

If your college student drinks as much soda as we did at that age, you might want to consider purchasing a Drinkmate OmniFizz Beverage Carbonator * as a holiday gift for them. Buying them one means they won’t have to drag heavy cartons of cans to their dorm or worry about storing them or recycling them.  Plus soda water is a healthier alternative to soft drinks and they can become creative with sparkling all kinds of beverages.


The Drinkmate OmniFizz Beverage Carbonator is a sleek looking machine that carbonates water, but its Fizz Infuser pressure release cap can also add bubbles to mocktails, fruit juices, lemonade, or anything one might find in the fridge to sparkle!

To create your carbonated beverage, you remove the back of the Drinkmate OmniFizz and then you can easily screw in your 60L CO2 cylinder in.

Drinkmate OmniFizz

Fill the included bottle with cold water (the colder the better) or beverage of choice screw on the Fizz Infuser cap, insert into the machine, and press the lever a number of times.  The great thing about the OmniFizz is that you can’t ‘over carbonate’ because when the bottle is full, the machine will let out a whooshing type sound letting you know that you’re done adding CO2.

Once you’ve finished carbonating, remove your bottle from the stand and then gently tilt it back and forth to get all those bubbles infused.  Then release the pressure by lifting the little silver flap from the Fizz Infuser cap (so you can see the blue tab). Then press down on the blue tab to finalize the carbonation.

When that’s done, you can remove the cap and enjoy your beverage!  It sounds like a lot of steps but it really doesn’t take any time at all to make nearly a liter of any kind of sparkling beverage with the Drinkmate OmniFizz.  What takes the longest is making sure your beverage is cold enough before sparkling so you get the best bubbly effect.

I’m a BIG flavored seltzer water drinker and in the last year I’ve been tossing down a lot of money on those cans.  What I love about the Drinkmate OmniFizz is that I can make different flavors constantly and don’t need to buy 12 of one flavor anymore.  So far I’ve been using the Torani Syrups that I have in my coffee bar to flavor the water.  I’ve done raspberry and blueberry, a mix of both together and blueberry with vanilla.  Because I can control the level of flavoring, I feel I’m getting a better experience that what I can get out of a can.

Here’s why the OmniFizz is a great gift for a college student.

  • Healthier alternative and saves money compared to soda pop
  • No electricity or batteries needed
  • Lightweight and portable; so can be set up nearly anywhere in a dorm room

Drinkmate OmniFizz comes in a variety of color options; although additional bottle option colors are limited.  So if your college student is all about being ‘matchy matchy’ check that out before choosing the color of the base machine.

The CO2 cylinders are a standard size; and Drinkmate offers an exchange/recycling program for empty cylinders.  When in a pinch though, other brands can be used which may be available at local retailers and many stores also offer exchange programs making the refill ½ the price of an original cylinder.

Drinkmate OmniFizz

The Drinkmate OmniFizz starts at $110.99 for the machine only.  You can find the Drinkmate OmniFizz and all the colors and optional accessories on their website https://idrinkproducts.com/. If you have a Prime membership and like to take advantage of the shipping and return options there, you can purchase through Amazon as well.  There are a few different configuration options on Amazon available; I linked to the one that includes the CO2 cylinder and an extra smaller bottle.

What would you sparkle?!

Looking for more holiday gift ideas for your College Student?  Then check out our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide.  We’ll be adding more products and ideas all the way up until December so make sure to check back frequently.

*We received a sample product of Drinkmate OmniFizz for the purpose of this post.  All opinions are our own and not influenced by receipt of product.

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