How To Make Your Dad More Fashionable During The Holidays

Does your dad run around in a wool Santa sweater at Christmas? You don’t need to feel embarrassed anymore. It’s the perfect time to get him some fancy clothes, but don’t let him go shopping with you.

Let’s discuss some good options every gift giver should look into. We’ll discuss a variety of different pieces of clothing, so you’ll find something you like. Don’t get him socks, even if it’s just for a joke.

  1. Design Him A Custom T-Shirt

Anyone with some design skills under their belt should create a DIY t-shirt from the best company. You might need to pay someone to create the design for you. Luckily, you won’t need to spend much.

Look for someone on Fiverr who is happy to work for a fair price. You’ll only need to wait a couple of days before getting something back. It’s easy to turn the design into a fabulous t-shirt.

Make Your Dad More Fashionable

  1. Fashionable Everyday Shirts

Your dad will wear his everyday shirts almost every day, so you must ensure they’re fashionable. Don’t worry about spending too much on the tees. Never spend lots on t-shirts someone will wear all the time.

The best always seem to feel like a better fit. It’s probably because the material quality goes up as the price increases. Get a couple so he’ll always have one sitting in the wardrobe.

  1. Vintage T-Shirts Are Amazing

Your dad surely loved a few bands growing up. Ask your mom if she can recommend some good ones. If you look around online, it won’t take long until you find the tees. Even old rock stars can earn money on the internet.

If your dad enjoyed playing video games when he was young, try to find some of his favorite characters. Look into movies, books, and anything else you can think of. Retro t-shirts never really seem to fall out of fashion.

  1. Get Him Some Quality Ties

A tie is something you’d expect your father to receive in a secret Santa draw, but he’ll only usually receive boring ones from work colleagues. You’ll be able to put a lot more time into finding the perfect ties.

Think about how important ties are versus other items of clothing. I know it won’t keep you warm or cover you up, but everyone will see it. I’m sure your father will appreciate it if everyone loves his daily ties.

  1. Fancy Italian Leather Shoes

Italian leather is popular with men who reach a certain age. The type of shoes they wear becomes more important. Even though it’s an expensive material, they will last your dad a decade if he looks after them.

The shoes will start to feel better with age because they must be broken in. Stick to black because they’ll be better in a larger number of situations and be careful because you must choose the correct foot size.

Make Sure The Holiday Is Special

You don’t need to rush when trying to find the ideal present. The holidays will be more enjoyable if you find something both of you love.

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