6 Ways to Dress Up a Classic Tee

With spring and summer on the way, you’ll want to give your Classic Tee some style, with affordable accessories.  So I’ve compiled some items that you might like to add one or two of to give your classic t-shirts a pop.  If you happen to click through any of these links and buy something, I will receive a small commission (thanks!).


A chunky, embellished necklace like this Hand-Blown Venetian Murano Glass one will definitely make your classic tee stand out!


I’m a big fan of Vera Bradley bags because you can wash them. This cute cross-body bag holds everything you need and adds a bold pop to a classic tee.


Hey I know you want to put those scarves away after a blizzardy winter, but add a lightweight pretty printed scarf around your neck and give your classic tee a new look.


Between smart phones and Apple watches there aren’t many reasons to wear a traditional watch any more.  That being said when it can also be a fashion accessory like this wrap watch, they can make your classic tee look good and hopefully you’ll be on time wherever you go 😉


You’re already comfy in your classic tee, add some style to your feet in a pair of shimmer sneakers to keep the comfort all the way from your head to your toes.


Adding a couple of stretchy bangles is just enough eye candy to draw the eye to your arm, but not enough to take away from the classic look of your classic tee.

How do you dress up a Classic Tee? 

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