FlightHub finds you The Gems of a Hidden Europe

Whether it’s your first time to visit the Old World or your hundredth, Europe never ceases to amaze you which is why has compiled a list of hidden gems that every traveler going to Europe should see at least once.

recommends beginning your European adventure in the United Kingdom. As the closest country to Europe (though still recognized as its own sovereign nation) the UK is full of wonderful cities and attractions for any visitor. Though London is always a popular tourist destination, FlightHub suggests making your way first to the Emerald Isle, and visit some of Ireland’s remote highland regions. Though Dublin is a tourist destination, FlightHub recommends going beyond this major city and exploring all that the country has to offer. Whether you’re visiting the pristine beaches of the Dingle Peninsula or scaling the cliffs of Moher in County Clare, Ireland has more than just Dublin to visit.

hidden gems in europe

Making your way towards continental Europe, then FlightHub recommends visiting the beautiful country of France. Though Paris is on every traveler’s list, FlightHub believes that visiting places like Montpellier or Marseille is a wonderful alternative to the busy city of Paris. While on the coast, enjoy the Old port of Marseille, or the Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde. Marseille is also home to wonderful museums, most notably the Musee des Civilisation de lEurope et de la Mediterranee, behold some of the most wonderful collections of the Mediterranean at the museum and get lost in its ancient history.

hidden gems in europe

From France, FlightHub believes that the next gem on your bucket list is found on the south coast of the Italian peninsula. Though the more famous cities of Rome, Florence and Venice dominate the Italian tourism industry, FlightHub highly recommends venturing only a few more hours south to the beautiful city of Naples. Situated near Mt. Vesuvius (the one that buried Pompeii and Herculaneum) and home to arguably the best thin-crust pizza in the world, enjoy the coastal views of the city while eating the very best gelato and sipping on homemade limoncello. While in Naples, take a quick day trip to Sorrento, the city closest to Capri. Boasting similar breathtaking views and crystal clear waters, enjoy walking around and taking in the sights.

Following Italy, FlightHub believes that the next place to visit is Denmark. A radical shift from the Mediterranean, come and view the splendors of northern Europe in Copenhagen. Rent a bike and blend in with the locals as you weave your way through this beautiful city. Once you’ve had your fill of taking photos of the Nyhavn district, make your way and visit the spectacular coastline of Møns Klint. The cliffs are chalk-white and set against waters that look like they belong in the tropics. Need a break from the city? Then FlightHub recommends going to Amagerstrand Beach Park in the heart of Copenhagen. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life and unwind.

hidden gems in europe

Last, but certainly not least, FlightHub suggests making one last stop in Portugal on your way back to the States. Vetted to be on everyone’s new destination hotlist, the Algarves are a phenomenal and breathtaking piece of natural beauty; mammoth sized caves that’ve been carved over centuries from the ocean tide, surrounded by beautiful views and incredible beaches. Take a tour of the sea caves before you make way to Lisbon and enjoy all that the small country has to offer.

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