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Going by the number of people I’ve heard say “I wish I had written that dream down when I woke up, because it was so funny, but I don’t quite remember it anymore,” the DreamTagTell iPhone/iPad app in the iTunes App Store, is an option for those who want to record their dreams on a digital platform.


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iPhone and iPad
Cost: $1.99
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Features from the DreamTagTell Website

+ Dream journal – Enter multiple dreams per night
+ Built-in, searchable dream dictionary by a renowned British dream expert
+ Dictionary Tags: As you type, any words featured in the dream dictionary are identified as dream tags – View the interpretation – Review dream frequency
+ Custom Tags: Create custom tags for non-dictionary words/people/places – Review dream frequency
+ Friend Tags: Create friend tags by including Facebook friends – Option to share the dream with them
+ Various overviews to review dream patterns and trends
+ Notification if you and a tagged friend dreamed of each other
+ Protection and respect of your privacy
+ Available on iOS6 & iOS7 for iPad & iPhone


DreamTagTell for iPad has a simple interface and is easy to use.  You can access your dreams from the Home page or from the My Dreams menu navigation.  I found the Dream Dictionary interesting. 

DreamTagTell worked well for me to be able to chronicle the dream.  It populated the dictionary tags as I typed, and I was able to tag a friend on Facebook.  That is a feature that I really like about this app.  How many times have you dreamt about a friend or relative and wanted to tell them but then forgot?  This way you can tag and share it with that person right then on Facebook.


DreamTagTell is a good concept but the iPad app in my experience needs some fixes. Every time I tried to access the app from the menu under “My Dreams” the app crashed.  I was still able to get to my dreams from the homepage, but once the dream was saved it was also ‘locked’ and I could only see a short description of the dream not the whole thing, there is no way to edit it from this screen, only to delete. 

I assume that I would be able to see the whole dream and search my dreams by other parameters (such as dates, tags and friends) from the “My Dreams” menu, but since I could not access that I can’t comment on those functions.   

I would also hesitate to say that the app ‘interprets’ dreams – rather it analyzes the tagged words of what they might reflect in a dream state.  Some of the word tags pinpointed the dream pretty accurately (see the pink tag above).


Other words that were tagged though were not reflective of the context they were used when recording the dream.  Regardless, it was fun to go through the dream dictionary with the tags and read what they might mean.

With some updates to the app – a function to edit dreams you’ve already saved and the app crashing – DreamTagTell would be a fun way to be able to search through your dreams to see how frequently you have similar ones, see what subconscious things your dreams might mean, to just go back and read about dreams you’ve had and/or share them with people on Facebook.

8 thoughts on “DreamTagTell – iPad App Review

  1. I have crazy dreams all the time and being able to jot them down and keep track of them would be great.

  2. I could have used this when I was younger… I dreamed all the time, but for the last 7+ years I haven't remembered one dream. I swear I don't dream anymore, but I thought everyone dreamed, you just may not remember it.

  3. I had no idea they had an app for dreams! I know there are books and such, but I will have to check this out! I have some crazy dreams and always wonder what or if they have meaning behind them!

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