Republic Wireless – Seamless WiFi & Cell Calling + Chromecast Giveaway

Republic Wireless compensated me for sharing this information and hosting this giveaway on my blog.

Have you heard of Republic Wireless before?  They are on a mission to make smartphones more affordable and accessible for everyone. 

They are a wireless company that behaves and operates differently from all the others.  How?  Through hybrid calling.  Their phones use WiFi as default and then they back it up with a traditional cell network so you’ll always have great coverage wherever you go.  With no app to open or 2nd number to manage.  Instead, their phones connect and route calls over WiFi automatically (or is that automagically?!)

When you don’t have access to WiFi, everything still works great over their cell network.  In fact, you can even move from WiFi to cell coverage seamlessly – with no dropped calls, delays or weird static noises!

That’s how they’re different.  With a money back guarantee*, no conracts, unlimited plans, WiFi calling abroad (yes, please!), no roaming charges, no activation fees and the ability to switch your plan 2x a month…well different is good!

With the Moto G and Moto X as their phones, you can have an Android smartphone for as little as $149.  And with Republic Wireless plans starting as low as (…are you ready?!)  $5.00 a month (yes really!) you can see how they are shaking up the cell phone industry.

Are you ready to switch to a cell phone provider that’s different?  Over 95% of people who try Republic stick with them, so  they definitely are changing the game!

Republic Wireless is giving two of my readers the chance to win a Google Chromecast.

This giveaway is only open to U.S. residents ages 18+. No PO Boxes. The winner will have 48 hours to respond, and will be randomly chosen. By entering this giveaway you are stating that you have read and agree to the Privacy Statement and Giveaway Rules posted on our site. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.  Giveaway ends 8/29/14 at 9:00 AM CST.

50 thoughts on “Republic Wireless – Seamless WiFi & Cell Calling + Chromecast Giveaway

  1. I love all of these plans especially the $10 Republican plan with unlimited talk, text & data over WIFI connection which is the one of the reasons I absolutely love! Thank you for the giveaway!

  2. I love the freedom to change plans and the fact that they even offer a wi-fi only plan for just $5 a month is amazing!!

  3. The price for service planes is unbeatable. I am interested in the $10 a month plan that lets the user witch between wifi and cellular

  4. I use my phone 90% of the time at home, where i have wifi. this would work great for me! i really love how cheap the monthly service is.

  5. Their phones connect and route calls over WiFi automatically, enabling Republic Wireless to keep costs super low and to pass those savings along to customers.

  6. I love the prices available and the type of plans they have, which include being able to use talk/text/web over wi-fi or 3g/4g depending upon the plan obtained. After having reviewed the website, I am considering changing to this as it would be much cheaper than my current phone plan.

  7. Republic Wireless is cool because they explain all charges and data use! They also have no contract!

  8. I like The Republic Plan that is only ten dollars a month and includes unlimited talk and text.

  9. I love that it starts at only $5 a month. That is awesome especially for seniors or low income families when they just want the piece of mind of having a phone for emergencies.

  10. I cannot believe the price it is so insanely great! So that is my favorite thing 🙂

  11. After being locked into contracts for years, I love that there is no contract with this.

  12. i like that they are a no contract company with reasonable pricing that i can afford.

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