It’s August. In Texas. That Means it’s #HatchChileFest at #MarketStreetTX and It’s Awesome

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We had only lived in Texas for two weeks last year when August rolled around.  I was completely in awe of the Hatch Chile invasion that descends upon the state in August.  Little did this Northern transplant know that is because Hatch Chiles from New Mexico are only available during a six week period in August/September.

Hatch Chiles

But this year I was prepared and so excited to try some of the products that are sold at Market Street during their Hatch Chile Fest.

From Hatch Chile muffins and pound cake to Green Chile Burgers and Green Chile Bacon Mac & Cheese – the Hatch Chiles are found in departments all over their stores.  Look for these signs to find them.

get fired up hatch chile

Even better Market Street is offering free roasting for any fresh Hatch chile purchase. The roasting days are August 16 & 17 and August 23 & 24.  There will be half gallon and gallon size bags of hatch chiles fresh out of the roaster and ready to take home.

hatch chile fest

I could not help but bring a few of the special Hatch Chile items home to enjoy.  And enjoy them I did!

spice up your summer at market street with hatch chile fest

I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the Hatch Green Chile white wine, but I was so intrigued by it, I put it in my cart.  It. Is. Fantastic.  It has a smooth robust flavor that gives just a slight spicy kick to it as you swallow.  It’s priced at $12.99.

Then you have to have some cheese your with your wine…am I right?  So I got a chunk of Hennings Hatch Pepper White Cheddar and a Hatch Green Chili Cheddar Cheese Ball.

hatch pepper cheese

green chile cheddar cheese ball

The white cheddar is just as the label indicates sweet ‘n mild, my whole family enjoyed this one.  It’s priced at $10.99/lb with the piece shown above weighing in at just over a third pound.

hatch chile cheese block

The cheddar cheese ball has a bit more of a spicy edge to it than the white cheddar, but it makes a great addition to a fruit platter with crackers – complementing a sweet crisp apple or juicy grapes nicely. This product is priced at $4.29.

green chile cheddar cheese ball split

Besides the ones already mentioned above, other special Hatch Chile products at Market Street stores this month include:

Green Chile Guacamole
Green Chile & Chicken Quesadilla
Green Chile Enchiladas
Green Chile Salsa de Tomatillo
Green Chile and Jack Meatloaf
Hatch Chile Cornbread

Head over to Market Street’s Hatch Chile Pinterest board full of Hatch Chile recipes.  Beware, it will make you hungry!

Also don’t forget about Market Street’s Summer of Savings sweepstakes.  Rewards members have the opportunity to earn entries to win a FREE YEAR OF GROCERIES or a FREE YEAR OF FUEL.  Other prizes include a $100 gift card in each store each week.  Every purchase on your Rewards card earns an entry in the sweepstakes, and you also earn 1 additional entry for every $10 qualifying purchase.  I’m crossing my fingers beause I had quite a few entries this week 😉  The sweepstakes goes on until September 9, 2014.

What’s your favorite type of Hatch Chile product or recipe?

5 thoughts on “It’s August. In Texas. That Means it’s #HatchChileFest at #MarketStreetTX and It’s Awesome

  1. A lot of grocery stores here in Vegas offer hatch chiles with free roasting but surprisingly I have never tried them. How cool that they offer so many different products.

  2. How have I not tried those?!?! I would love to make the enchiladas first, but then try something a little more off the wall.

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