Don’t Be Afraid to Seek Help for Depression

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The holidays should be a joyous time for everyone, but often those who are overworked and overwhelmed with circumstances in their lives can possibly become depressed.

I was doing some depression research and it seems that it can be common for people to fall into depression during the winter.  I can see that, because November, December and January can be stressful months.  Perhaps it has something to do with the weather, or maybe the holidays or maybe both of them combined along with other personal circumstances.  Pile all those things on top of each other and one can feel extraordinarily worn down during this time of the year. 

But one doesn’t need to cower before depression.  This is the twenty-first century and the bottom line is, no one needs to feel embarrassed or ashamed to seek help with depression.  Asking for help does not make you weak.  If you think you know someone who has depression, or that you might be dealing with it yourself, don’t let anyone intimidate you from speaking with a professional to find ways to feel better.  A doctor can tell you more about the condition so you fully understand the symptoms of it, and then you can open up a discussion with them on the best course of treatment.

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