Disney Trip 2008 – Day 5

So many other things have come up in bloggy world that I left my trip update behind! I’ll try and catch up a bit more frequently, but be warned, there are some more reviews (and giveaways) planned for the near future!

Day 5 of our Disney Vacation, was Saturday December 6th. We said good-bye to the parks and hello to our home for a week the beautiful Disney Magic!

In the terminal area where you board the ship, they have a mini of the ship, with a cut out on one side so you can see the inside of it as well.


Dinner is always a major event. The food on the ship is terrific. Lots to choose from. Genius wanted a Shirley Temple each night at dinner, and our assistant server Denis obligingly brought Genius one out every evening, with many many maraschino cherries!

The only thing I don’t like on the ship is their coffee. They use Nescafe coffee from giant dispensers. It is not very tasty. However, you can’t have dessert without a cup of coffee. That just wouldn’t be right.

After dinner, we hit the opening variety show. There is always great entertainment, that is family friendly on the Disney ships, which is why we keep returning. Genius went to make some friends in the kids club, and then we called it a night. There is something about a full belly and the rocking of the ship, that just makes you sleepy…..

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