Destination Disney – Your Favorite Disney Souvenir

Today’s Destination Disney is all about Souvenirs. What is your favorite?

I had a hard time deciding (as it is whenever I need to do one of these memes that is all about “our favorites”).

I just bought a t-shirt at Disney Hollywood Studios when we were there in December that quickly has become one of my favorites in my wardrobe. It has “Judge Me By My Size Do You?” on the front – and a picture of Yoda on the back with a Mickey Mouse hat on, holding a Mickey Ice Cream Bar in his hand, standing at a “you must be taller than this line to ride” sign, and he doesn’t make it!! lol!!

I am only 4’9″ tall, and this shirt was so perfect I had to have it. I am often confused for a child, given a children’s menu in a restaurant, or mistaken for Genius’s sister. The only one that truly can guess my age is my hairdresser…..

But that is not my favorite souvenir (although it’s a close race). My ultimate favorites are my candle toppers. I started collecting candle toppers about 10 years ago. Every time we go away somewhere new purchase one to remember the vacation. I have a bunch from Disney now, but these are my two favorites.

The second one wasn’t actually a candle topper to begin with. Hubby found it in the gift shop on the ship (it’s a mini snow globe), and made it for me by gluing it on some wood, and voila a candle topper!

Show us your favorite Disney Souvenirs and play along at Destination Disney located at Reviews by Heidi!

2 thoughts on “Destination Disney – Your Favorite Disney Souvenir

  1. Hi Tammy! Nice to meet you! Thanks for entering my contest and doing all the extras!
    I homeschool too. I have 2 God’s girls 15 and 17. We love Disney too. We actually live only 1 hour from Disney World. We have passes and go way too much..LOL. We are very blessed.

    I’m going to follow you too!!
    Nice to meet you!

  2. I’m a week behind on the DD meme! I enjoyed your post, funny about the tshirt. 🙂 What is a candle topper? The two you have pics of look really beautiful.

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