Disney Trip 2008 – Day 6

Sunday December 7th – A whole day at sea! This is why we prefer Disney’s Eastern route to their Western one. More sea days! For us, cruising is all about the ship. While we enjoy the ports, we like the ship more.

Deck 4, is our favorite place to hang out on the ship. They have the most comfortable teak lounge chairs, and you will find us there most days, with books. (Sometimes the books are closed on our laps, because we’re sleeping….) This is also their “walking track”. You can walk around the whole ship on this deck, 3 times = a mile. While walking you go through where they keep the anchors and all that mechanical stuff, that keeps us from floating away when we’re in port.
While the ship is extremely clean, they seem to have a bit of a mice infestation.This was the evening of the formal dinner, and we were actually going to skip it and just eat up by the pools. Our waiter Denzak, told us to come anyway, even though we didn’t pack any formal attire for the cruise. So we put on the best clothes we did bring, and hit Lumiere’s for dinner. (We weren’t out of place even not having formal attire, it’s amazing what some people will wear for dinner…..) Some of the light fixtures in Lumiere’s have a rose inside them, as it is all decorated around the theme of Beauty and the Beast (hence the name Lumiere’s). The evening’s show in the Walt Disney Theater, was The Golden Mickeys. Another great production. They even had a dessert for it. Hubby assured me it was quite yummy!

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