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Africa — I’ve actually been to the real deal. Western Africa that is. When I was 16 I took a trip with a mission team to Cameroon.

The first time we went to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, I was curious on whether an onslaught of memories would come back to me while walking around. Africa is a big continent so I had my doubts.

I should have known though, Disney does not skimp. I highly doubt any of that section of the park was modeled directly after Cameroon, yet the sights and smells, and sounds were so accurate (at least to a memory that is going on 20 years!).

One thing I never got to do when I was in Africa was go on a safari. The Kilimanjaro Safari ride was my chance to do just that. Kept to a path (of course this is Disney after all), you get to go in a jeep type vehicle among the live animals and see them, about up close as your going to get. I always laugh about the first time we did this, Genius asked if the animals were real, when we said yes, she didn’t believe us. She was spoon fed animatronics her whole life, that she thought we were pulling her leg! Here are a few pictures from the safari ride.

If you click on the above picture, you can see the type of vehicle that you take the safari in.

One day I hope to be able to stay at The Animal Kingdom Lodge and wake up to the sight of the giraffes grazing on The Savannah! Until then, why don’t you join us at the Destination Disney Meme hosted weekly at Reviews & Reflections.

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  1. Very cool! That would be so much fun, I hope to take the kids to disney some day. When they are older and when I have more tolerance for crowds 🙂

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