Destination Disney – Would you like to join me for a Disney Cruise?

Approximately five years ago, we decided to forgo our usual Disney themed vacation to an amusement park and add a twist to it.

We traded in Space Mountain for an ocean view cabin on the Disney Magic and anticipated our first cruise ever…Disney Style.
Three Cruises later, and a Transatlantic one booked for next year, and you could say we are hooked.

I’m not quite sure how I’ll ever manage to keep this post under 1 billion words or photos, as the fun and indulgence on a Disney cruise over the course of what amounts for us to be 21 days, is huge!!

But I shall try.

The first cruise we went on Genius would turn 8 just the day after we would disembark, and we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary on. If you note that you are celebrating a special occasion on your reservations, they will pull out the stops for you!
The children’s program on ship is incredible. From sunrise to waaaay past sunset, the activities offered are sure to delight (at least for Genius they do!). Karaoke, Pizza Parties, Video Games and making Flubber, those kinds of things are scheduled all day for the littles!
We originally questioned whether cruising would be for us. But you know, we kind of like being told when to show up at our dining room, and what time to catch a show. Less decision making to do, and let’s face it, vacations are supposed to be stress free.
The waves on the first cruise we took, topped out pretty high. The dining room was half empty the first two nights as many people were sick. As we had come armed with Dramamine and Bonine, we did not have any problems, and actually really enjoyed having that rocking motion to put us to sleep. We did not experience that much motion on the last two cruises we were on….that was a little disappointing (lol!).

The beach at Disney’s Private Island Castaway Cay is great. We had a lot of fun making sand structures on it, but it was really cold this past December and we decided to hop back on the ship, and jump in the hot tub! There is so much to do on their private island (weather permitting), parasailing, snorkeling, digging for bones….great fun!

Disney Cruise Line is probably one of the best cruise companies in the world (however, I’m being a bit biased here, I’ve never cruised any other!) The ship really feels like an old ocean liner (just like it looks), and the service is great.
So while you countdown with me (1 Year and 8 days….) to my transatlantic cruise aboard the Disney Magic, check out reviews on

7 thoughts on “Destination Disney – Would you like to join me for a Disney Cruise?

  1. Wow, That looks and sounds awesome. My kids would love this, I should look into it. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Sorry you had to sell your house with the mystery machine painted on the wall. LOL. I love Scooby-Doo!!!

  2. That’s great that you got to do that! Oh to celebrate a birthday or anniversary there! Must have been magical! I love FL too but it’s a little too humid for me. I’d definitely love to go on the Disney Cruise!

  3. Ok you have me convinced! lol We are HUGE Disney nuts and this would be the perfect option for us. Thanks for letting me know about it.

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