Deo-go Review & Giveaway

Deoderants and anti-perspirants are wonderful for eliminating odor and sweat, but there can be a trade off when using them.  They stain shirts, or after they’ve worn off and aren’t effective during your day, your sweat can stain your shirt.  There are natural remedies that are touted to remove those unsightly stains on your garment, and I’ve tried some of them.  Sometimes they work for a while but actually only “mask” the stain, meaning that if you let it sit for awhile the stain will reappear, or they only fade the stain slightly no matter how hard you scrub.

I received a spray bottle of Deo-go a couple of weeks ago, a new product on the market that is for removing deodorant and sweat stains for good.  You spray it on the stain, making sure both sides of the fabric are wet.  When I used it, I’d say I used about 15 sprays for each sleeve.  I tried it on a white shirt, since that’s usually where that yellow stain looks the worst!

It isn’t difficult to use, after you spray it on the fabric, it’s suggested that you use a bristle brush to work it in, and then you leave it sit for 20 minutes, and then launder it by itself as per the tag on the garment.  It has an almond scent to it, although I can’t say it was overly strong that I noticed a scent at all.

After applying it to the shirt, letting it sit for 20 minutes and then washing it in cold water with detergent this was the result.

Results with Deo-go

It didn’t get the stain out completely, but the bottle does say more than one application might be necessary.  Just so you know though, I think it did a great job because this shirt is 10 years old, and has never been stain treated ever.  I probably could have saturated the shirt more than I did with the spray because the bottle is supposed to treat about 15 garments, and seeing how little I used out of the bottle, I would get far more than that out of it.

The only con I see to using this product is that you have to be really careful with it.  The ingredient that is used to help treat the stain is Hydrochloric Acid, and there are plenty of warnings on the label because of that.  I used gloves when treating the shirt, and actually placed the shirt on top of a plastic covering while spraying it and rubbing it in, all in my garage *just in case*.  Of course you always need test something like this on a bit of fabric that wouldn’t show (like the bottom hem of a shirt you would tuck in), just in case the color isn’t fast. 

If you have shirts that are expensive that you don’t wear anymore because of deodorant or sweat stains, or a shirt that you loved to wear but just can’t for the same reason, I think this product is fantastic.  For cheap clothing or a shirt that you would just as soon toss anyway, I wouldn’t bother to spend the time to treat it multiple times and wash it separately each time to get the stains out.

Deo-go is available on their website for $10.50.  *Just a note that Deo-go is having some technical difficulties with their site at the moment – so if you are unable to access it when clicking on the link bookmark it so you don’t forget to visit*

I have a bottle of Deo-go to giveaway to one reader.

To enter the giveaway leave a comment letting me know that you have some shirts in your home that need this product.  You can enter daily.

Open to US Residents ages 18+, ends July 23, 2010 at 11:59 PM CST. Winner will be notified by email and have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. By entering this giveaway you are stating that you have read my **Privacy/Rules statements and agree to them.

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