Dental Health Crisis in Children: Prevention Tips

My parents weren’t big on enforcing dental health when I was growing up.  Because of that I was kind of lax in the whole brushing and flossing thing even well into my adult years.  After a very painful root canal, I knew that when I had children I would be very conscious of making sure they had a good dental health routine and start them at a young age.  Our daughter just had a dental checkup yesterday, and I’m proud to say at 19, she still has never had a cavity 🙂

Here is another infographic from Jefferson Dental Clinics showing how some prevention tips to help stave the dental health crisis in children.  To see it full size just click on the graphic.Dental Health Crisis in Children

1 thought on “Dental Health Crisis in Children: Prevention Tips

  1. Thanks for the tips! I make sure that my kids brush and floss every morning and evening, but they still get cavities every year for some reason. These tips will help me know what more I could do to prevent tooth decay from getting worse in my kids’ mouths. I didn’t know that I can have dental sealants put over their teeth to prevent tooth decay. Can I have a dentist put sealants on all of their teeth, or only over their molars and permanent teeth? I want my kids to grow up to have healthy teeth, so I would like to know more about what dental sealants can do for my kids to prevent cavities.

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