How To Use Your Home’s Decor To Improve Wellness

Over the past few years, the interest around the concept of ‘wellness’ has exploded into the mainstream consciousness, while the term may conjure up images of hippies in tie-dye shirts doing yoga and talking about the ‘healing power’ of crystals; wellness is so much more than that and not at all like the stereotypes you’ve heard about.

Wellness is just simply the concept of living a healthy life to improve both your physical and mental wellbeing, which is something everyone can get behind. Really it comes down to you just wanting to live your best life!

So while lots of wellness advice revolves around lifestyle and habits, your home’s décor can also have an influence on your overall wellness (both negative and positive), so how can you use your home’s décor to improve your wellness and wellbeing? Let’s find out!

Set Your Bedroom Up For Sleep

As wellness revolves around making the best choices for your physical and mental health, your bedroom is an area that can greatly benefit from being designed with wellness in mind, as sleep is one of the most important parts of living a healthy life, setting up your bedroom to make it a good sleep environment is a great wellness choice.

In the bedroom, there are two usual suspects when it comes to sleep disruption: light from outside & overstimulating décor. To conquer the disruption from outside lights having made with blackout material is a must as they’ll block light pollution from effecting your sleep. And to avoid sleep disruption from overstimulating décor you should keep your bedroom as minimalist as possible.

improve wellness

Invite Nature Into Your Home

Using nature in your home’s décor is a trend called , the philosophy behind Biophillia is that exposure to elements of nature should help improve your mental wellbeing and various studies have backed that up, showing many health benefits both physical and mental to being exposed to nature.

Getting the wellbeing boost of having nature and natural elements in your home is actually rather easy; you can start off small by bringing some houseplants or flowers into your home, use other natural elements like wood into your décor, or even just hang printed pictures of natural landscapes like waterfalls or fields in your home!

Use Calming Colors In Your Décor

Did you know that different colors can cause different emotional reactions when you see them? The science of color theory shows that colors can impact our mood, wellbeing and much more. So if you’re looking to make your home a calming space, you can use color theory to make your home even more wellness friendly.

shows that the best colors for promoting calmness and relaxation are: blue, green and purple. It’s believed that these colors calm us as they’re frequently seen in nature (which ties us back to biophilia). So by using more blue, green and purple in your home’s décor you can promote wellness

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