Deals on Womens Dresses

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Our cruise is paid for, the airfare is booked, the relatives we’re staying with prior notified, and now all I need are a few new pieces of clothing and I’m good to go!

One of the things I love about cruising is dressing up each night and going for dinner.  Even the “cruise casual” nights, I tend to want to dress up for because we rarely go out anywhere the rest of the year that I can wear something a bit fancier.

So right now I’m looking for deals on womens dresses.  I have a couple already, one that I got for an exceptional price on clearance at the mall, and another that I won through a blog giveaway last year. 

The thing is though; I’m looking for cheap womens dresses (price, not quality) because I really won’t wear them much more after the cruise is over.

It’s difficult for me to shop for dresses that fit properly because I’m so petite.  At only 4’9” tall, even the “petite” clothing in the stores are usually too big. 

I can fit some clothing in the girls section, but that often comes with its own problems.  Usually being that they aren’t age appropriate or too short (I’m too old to be showing anything above my knees!).  Plus, it’s awful enough when you walk into a gathering and find someone wearing the same outfit as you, but it’s ten times worse when that person is an eight year old girl, and you’re knocking on forty!

One time my sister and I scored the best deal ever at a department store when we found dresses for 7¢.  Yes you read that right 7¢!!  When we asked at the till if it was a pricing error, the salesperson said “No, we just don’t want them around for inventory so we’re trying to get rid of them.”  We bought every one they had, and what didn’t fit we donated.

So do you dress up?  What do you like to wear when you do?

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