Day 4 – Epcot

By far my favorite park of the 4 Disney has to offer, this is the day we went to Epcot. Because it is so educational, we counted it as a day towards our 180 that the state requires us to have for schooling. What a hardship!
At the entrance to the park they have a cute group of topiaries decorated for Christmas!

We made our way around to Mission Space. I have never ridden this before, but took a chance at taking the “green” flight, as opposed to the “orange flight” that Genius and Hubby took. Then we headed over to Test Track (I love that ride!). Went through Ellen’s energy dream with Bill Nye, and then headed over to the Living Seas with Nemo. Personally I was disappointed with that. The last time we were at Epcot, they were renovating it into the current ride. I much preferred the Living Seas as it was before, as an underwater sea base. Oh well, I suppose families with younger children will get more out of it the way it is now perhaps.

Had to take a Journey into the Imagination with Figment, and then we made our way to the World Showcase.

As a family we play WoW, a massive multiplayer online game, which just game out with an expansion which is situated in a land called “Northrend”. Which mimics Norway in places quite a bit. We had to take a picture of the Norway pavillion, rode the Maelstrom through the fjord, so we could tell all our online buddies that we went to Northrend for our vacation lol!

A stop at the China pavillion was very cool. Seeing the stone guardians, (which in reality would have been taller than me!), and watching the acrobatics of the child troop was phenomenal.
We took in all the countries and then rounded out the day at the Canadian pavilion. Mostly because they FINALLY have a new movie in there. The last movie was so outdated. Martin Short makes the movie a lot more interesting. However, I have a huge complaint with the department of tourism though. The last time I checked, Canada has 10 provinces, the movie completely overlooked two of them, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The latter of which we are from. Hmph. Oh well, I head over to the gift shop to get some yummy MacIntosh Toffee, the best Canadian treat there is, and THEY DON’T HAVE ANY!!! agh, those Canadians (roll eyes here). lol.

Well back to the hotel. We must pack for the magical Disney luggage team, will pick up our luggage early tomorrow, to take it to our stateroom on the ship. We can hardly wait!

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