Day 3 – Disney Hollywood Studios

Formerly known as MGM Studios, Disney Hollywood Studios is where the movie magic comes to life!

Every trip to the park has us starting at Star Tours.

This being one of our favorite rides when Genius was younger….has now been replaced with more thrilling stuff like the Rock n’ Roller Coaster. (not for me though, I’m not going upside down, nope!)

I got the coolest t-shirt in the gift shop there though, It is black and in large white letters on the front it says “Judge me by my size do you?” and on the back it has a picture of Yoda, with a mickey hat on, eating a Mickey Bar trying to get on a ride, but he’s too short! LOL. For all of you who don’t know me in person I’m 4’9″ tall, so I get a lot of “would you like the children’s menu?” stuff, and now that Genius is growing, I’m often regarded as her “sister”.

A view back in time — this is a great way to chronicle a child’s growth, if you frequently visit the same places. Take a picture at the same spot, and watch them grow!

A tour of some of the props used in Prince Caspian, was a little disappointing. The movie was great though, we saw it for the first time on the Cruise Ship (Hubby and myself that is, Genius had already seen it with Youth Group). == The broken stone table.

The most impressive of all though was The Osborne Lights – we have never seen them before, and I think I liked them more than the fireworks at Magic Kingdom.

Since we would be leaving in just two days at this point for our cruise in the Disney Magic I couldn’t help but take this picture of one of the shop facades.






What a wonderful day it was, and thankfully a little warmer than the past two had been. Tomorrow we head to Epcot, stop by and see all the fun we had there!

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