Destination Disney – Decked Out

This Destination Disney is all about being “Decked Out”

Heidi encouraged us to make the theme “our own” so this is my take on “Decked Out” Disney style.

A Decked Out Castle.
A Decked Out Pirate. (Elizabeth Swann’s Chinese Pirate look)A Decked Out Gingerbread House. (Complete with Hidden Mickey on the back roof).

How about two mice on the deck, does that count as “Decked Out”? lol maybe not
I’d love to see your pictures capturing the theme “Decked Out” come join us at Destination Disney hosted at Reviews by Heidi.

2 thoughts on “Destination Disney – Decked Out

  1. Oh I love the “two mice on deck” ~ what an awesome take on the theme!
    Thanks so much for playing along ~ now I’m going to enter your contest.

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