Day 2 – Magic Kingdom

I don’t know what exactly it was that I was expecting, but never having been to Disney over the holidays, and Disney being Disney, I expected more….more decorations that is. Don’t get me wrong Main Street looked beautiful, but I found the rest of the park really lacked. I had heard that The Haunted Mansion and It’s a Small World were decorated differently than their normal facades at Christmas, but either we were there too early or they did not do it this year, or….it was done very subtly and I missed it. Oh well. It sure felt like Christmas, it was cold, 57 degrees. How disappointing.

The characters doing a show for the park opening.

We headed to Tomorrowland first. Rode Space Mountain, and then grabbed Fast Passes to ride it again. Then headed over to Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. Took in the new Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor, where Genius got to take part in some of the audience participation. She got to tell them where she lived and the monsters pointed out the highlights of our great city (wrongly I might add, however that was what made it so hilarious!) That was fun…Buddy, a monster in there is both psychotic and telepathetic (I mean psychic and telepathic….lol). Interestingly enough, the Timekeeper which occupied that space prior, is a show that we never went to in all our years of Disney going. Strange…. Took a ride on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority, and then headed over to FantasyLand.

I am not a Teacup fan, so Genius and Hubby did that one alone.

We did Mickey’s Philharmagic show which is one of my newer favorite attractions. Rode It’s a Small World, where Genius was frightened that the dolls would come after her…(it’s a long story, but basically part of Kingdom Keepers, The: Disney After Dark, based on what Disney is like at dark when the park closes. I suggest if you are a Disney fan that you read it, it’s quite good!). Made an excursion in flying boats on Peter Pan, and rode Snow White.

A trip on the Thunder Mountain Railroad came next.

It was just to cold to brave Splash Mountain, the thought of walking around wet in that cool weather, did not appeal to me! The Hall of Presidents (much to Genius’s relief, she didn’t want to do anything “educational” that day!) is under refurbishment, probably due to the new president to be inaugurated.

Off to Adventure Land. Pirates of the Caribbean, the Tiki Room, Swiss Family Robinson Tree House, and the Jungle Cruise rounded it out, before we stopped for dinner.

Another trip on Space Mountain and a stop at the Carousel of Progress before making our way to find spots for Spectromagic Parade and Fireworks.

Here was the first highlight of the evening – Cinderella’s Castle with icicles!

Spectromagic was awesome. Peacock Float and Fish Float.
See how chilly we were? Gloves in Florida, how absurd is that? lol.
It was a great day with (what else? lol) lasting memories, that we will cherish for a long time.

Stay tune, because Day 3 is all about Disney Hollywood Studios!

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  1. YOU ROCK for posting this! Sat. we’ll be doing these exact things! Sunday we’re going to Hollywood Studios 🙂

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