Day 1 – Downtown Disney

Orlando, Florida – December 2, 2008

I really don’t want to stand in line, but if you’ve ever been to Disney you know that is unavoidable.

We arrived at Orlando Airport before 11 AM, stood in line to get tickets to board, Disney Magical Express…stood in line to get on the bus for the resort….stood in line at the resort to check in….ah it’s the only place on the planet that you will spend a lot of money to say your having a good time, and then stand in line for most of it LOL!! BUT WE LOVE IT!!!

For the first time ever we stayed on property. We chose the Port Orleans French Quarter for its smaller size and for the pick up to Port Canaveral.  

They have a convenient boat that shuttles you over to Downtown Disney, so we went to …yep…stand in line… (lol) to take that, since it was already by this time almost 2 pm.

Views from the shuttle boat of Downtown Disney – the first shows Fulton’s Crab House and some of the shops the second shows House of Blues and the white building in the background is Cirque de Soleil.

Downtown Disney is so fun to walk around, there is so much to see and unlike most anything else related to Disney…no entrance fee so it’s FREE!! The only unfortunate part of this day was the weather it was a frigid 52 degrees. EEK…


These pictures show the giant Tinkertoy structure outside the Toy Store, and also the “Toy” Decorated Christmas Tree in the same area.

And then since Genius is obsessed with both Stitch and Pirates, (not necessarily in that order some days). We needed to capture the memories outside the World of Disney store, which I believe (correct me someone if I am wrong), is the largest Disney store anywhere.

Not long after this, we decided to just head back to the hotel to grab some dinner, since we were tired and cold. Tomorrow we would head to the Magic Kingdom!

1 thought on “Day 1 – Downtown Disney

  1. ooh, we’re leaving Friday for Disney. Did Stitch spit at you? LOL

    I LOVE Downtown Disney-we’ll be stopping there on our way home.

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