DawnSinger (Tales of Faeraven 1) by Janalyn Voigt

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You never know when I might play a wild card on you!

Today’s Wild Card author is:

Janalyn Voigt

and the book:

DawnSinger (Tales of Faeraven 1)
Harbourlight Books (June 29, 2012)


Janalyn Voigt‘s unique blend of adventure, romance, suspense, and fantasy creates worlds of beauty and danger for readers.  Beginning with DawnSinger, her epic fantasy series, Tales of Faeraven, carries the reader into a land only imagined in dreams.

Janalyn is represented by Sarah Joy Freese of Wordserve Literary.  She serves as a literary judge for several international contests and is an active book reviewer.  Her memberships include ACFW and NCWA. 

When she’s not writing, Janalyn loves to find worlds of adventure in the great outdoors.


The High Queen is dying…At the royal summons, Shae mounts a wingabeast and soars through the air to the high hold of Faeraven, where all is not as it seems.  Visions warn her of danger, and a dark soul touches hers in the night.  When she encounters an attractive but disturbing musician, her wayward heart awakens. 

But there is Kai, a guardian of Faeraven and of Shae.  Secrets bind him to her, and her safety lies a the center of every decision he makes.  On a desperate journey fraught with peril and the unknown, they battle warlike garns, waevens, ferocious raptors, and the wraiths of their own regrets.  Yet, they must endure the campaign long enough to release the DawnKing – and the salvation he offers – into a divided land.  To prevail, each must learn that sometimes victory comes only through surrender.

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List Price: $16.99 – Kindle $4.99


With a house full of fantasy lovers I had no doubt that someone would be willing to read this book and share their thoughts about it with you all.  It ended up being me first, but Amber is also interested in picking it up soon.  I thought the book was good.  I’m looking forward to the next book in the series. 

I found the characters likable and even though it’s set in a fantasy world, I found it easy to feel connected to the story.  If you’re interested in fantasy type stories, I would say give it a try and see if you like it yourself.


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13 thoughts on “DawnSinger (Tales of Faeraven 1) by Janalyn Voigt

  1. Hi, Tammy. Thanks for your review and promotion of DawnSinger. I'm so glad you enjoyed reading my story. WayFarer, book two of Tales of Faeraven, releases January 3rd, 2014.

    You can return to Elderland whenever you wish by visiting my fantasy book extras site: http://FantasyBooks.JanalynVoigt.com. You'll find there notes from my research of 13th-Century Europe to create a realistic world for my Tales of Faeraven series, as well as characters interviewed by their author, my picks for a Tales of Faeraven cast of characters, highlights on mythical creatures, my fantasy book news, and more.

  2. You know how you sometimes try to like the things the guy you're dating likes? Well, that's what I used to do with fantasy books way back when. I read them because he did and I wanted to like them, but I guess it's just not my deal. However, I think my son kinda digs them if they have a science fiction bent.

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