David’s Bridal is for more than just Wedding Gowns

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One of the reasons I love cruising for vacations is because of the formal dinners to get dressed up for.  In the regular routine of my life, there just is not any reason to wear fancy dresses or get dressed up for a special occasion.  We don’t get invited to any formal parties and weddings in our family and friends are few and far between.

Although for over 60 years David’s Bridal has outfitted brides on their special day, with nearly 50% of all brides in the US choosing to shop at one of their 300 stores, this was only the second time I’ve walked into our local store.  The first time was six years ago when my sister got married and I needed my bridesmaid dress altered.  That is a common occurrence for me, shopping for formal dresses is challenging when you’re only 4’9”.  The staff at the local David’s Bridal extended me great service as I went on a shopping spree on behalf of Mom Central to look for a formal dress for our next cruise.  Not only was I greeted with friendly smiles when I walked in the store, I was overwhelmed by all the special occasion dresses from long sleek gowns to short cocktail dresses, their party dress collection offers a wide array of designs to fit every woman’s style and budget.

Because I am so tiny, it was a bit difficult to find dresses on the rack in my size.  I tend to stick to shorter length dresses because with floor length ones so much of the fabric needs to be cut off to hem, the integrity of the dress usually suffers even with good alteration.  I was assured by the staff though that anything from this season’s line I found could be ordered in the size I needed in any color the dress was offered in.  I wouldn’t need to take them up on that option though because I SCORED in their clearance section.  One of the employees saw me struggling with all the hangers and started placing them in a fitting room for me, so I wouldn’t be bogged down with them.

After trying on about seven dresses whose styles and colors appealed to me, I chose three to decide among for purchase.  The staff was great in helping me decide and because the dresses were so affordable I decided to take two of them and it was still within my budget to get a little clutch purse to go along with one of them.  This is one of the dresses I chose to buy and even at its regular price of $89.99 it was affordable.


Imagine my surprise when I got to the cash register and these dresses were marked down yet again!  I actually started giggling and asked the sales lady who was helping me if I could go back and get the third dress.  She had already hung it back up on the sales rack, but went to go get it for me so I could buy it.

3 special occasion dresses and a clutch purse for just under $137.00.  I thought that was a deal!  I’m set for a few cruises now, but I know that I will definitely be checking David’s Bridal out in the future when I need a special occasion dress.  Whether you are looking for a wedding gown, mother-of-the-bride/groom dress, or formal attire, I recommend checking out David’s Bridal, I think you will be surprised with the selection and prices of what they have to offer.

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of David’s Bridal and received a gift certificate to facilitate my review.

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