Guinness World Records Day

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In honor of Guinness World Records Day, Thursday, November 17th, here are a couple of record-breaking ideas that are easy to do at home, and may even get you in the book!

Fastest time to dress Barbie Doll
What you will need:  Barbie doll and outfit (Shoes, one accessory – like a handbag or sunglasses, and 3 items of appropriate clothing, for example – tights, a skirt and top)

The fastest time to dress a Barbie doll is 28.87 seconds and was achieved by Catherine Lomas from the United Kingdom, on October 30th, 2010.


Fastest time to assemble Mr. Potato Head
What you will need:  Mr. Potato Head with complete accessories

The fastest time to assemble Mr. Potato Head is 6.62 seconds and was achieved by Samet Durmaz from Turkey at the GWR Live! Roadshow in Instanbul, Turkey, on February 21st, 2010.  All the parts of Mr. Potato Head must be put in the right place in order to break this record!

Most socks sorted and hung in one minute (team of 2)
What you will need:  20 pairs of socks (Preferably clean!)

The most socks sorted and hung in one minute is 19 pairs and was achieved by Melanie Truby and Kimberley Brewer (both from the United Kingdom) on August 14th, 2011.  For this record, each pair of socks must be different colors and patterns.  No two pairs may be the same!


Most T-shirts folded in one minute
What you will need: 24 t-shirts, minimum size Large

The record for the most t-shirts folded in one minute is 23 and was achieved by Graeme J. Cruden from the United Kingdom at the TK Maxx store in Manchester, UK, on March 3rd, 2009.  To find the fastest way to fold a shirt, visit

For more ideas on how to spend a record-breaking day, or to document your own record-breaking, visit

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