Dane-Elec Introduces Marvel’s The Avengers USB Drives and USB Hub

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It usually takes our family a couple of weeks to see a movie in the theater, if we go see it in the theater at all. Generally we wait the three or four months until it the movie is released on DVD, since it’s more economical for the three of us to see it that way, plus with the 3D TV at home we’re not missing much at all at the movie theater. That being said, we figured The Avengers must be worth doling the cash out since the rest of the world is speaking with their wallets, so earlier this past week we gave up daughter’s college savings, grudgingly parted with our money at the movie theater. Okay, and it wasn’t a bad decision, the movie lived up to the hype.

While we’re big sci-fi and fantasy fans, we’ve never been huge into the whole superhero culture, but we have seen most of the Marvel comic book movies, and Iron Man has always held a spot in my heart. Well, it’s really more of a Robert Downey Jr. thing, but that’s just semantics right?!

In any case Tony Stark’s alter ego Iron Man, thanks to Dane-Elec, can now hold my most precious electronic files on a USB Drive.

Now granted, Iron Man now has some competition from Captain America. I have not seen the Captain America movie, and it is on my to do list, because that character really resonated with me (probably has to do with the fact that I’m old…LOL!) – so I may have to get me a USB drive of him too. No fretting though if you’re more of a Thor or Hulk fan, you can have them protect your digital bits instead. Or maybe, you want all four of these super guys hooked up to back up your data using The Avengers USB Hub.

These 8 GB flash drives are all designed for use with the 4-Port USB Hub. The USB drive is embedded in the base of the characters.

Marvel’s The Avengers, Dane-Elec’s drives and 4-Port USB Hub are available at retailers for a retail price of $19.99 each. Each drive comes with a five-year warranty. What a great gift these would make for a recent high school grad or for dad for Father’s Day!

* I received a media sample to assist me in my review. All opinions are my own.

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