Dancing Deer Baking for the Holidays

I simply can’t believe that it’s Thanksgiving already this week, and after that we’ll be counting down to Christmas and some for Hanukkah!  My daughter is home from college for Thanksgiving and I honestly don’t really want to be spending time baking while she’s home for the week, and would much rather spend time with her doing the things she likes to do.  Our first holiday party is December 6th… that’s just a little over two weeks away!  So this year, I’m not sweating the small stuff, instead I’m going to arm myself with treats for every festive gathering from Dancing Deer Baking Co.

dancing deer

I would like to warn you though, if you’re planning to serve these to guests in your home, or ‘plate’ them to bring to a party (we won’t tell you didn’t actually make them, promise!) – make sure you order extra for your own personal taste testing.  If you try them before you serve them.. I’m almost certain you won’t have any left to serve!  Dancing Deer Baking Co. brownies and cookies are really THAT good!

My husband nearly inhaled the Chocolate Chunk Brownies and my daughter and her BFF couldn’t stop raving about the Caramel Sea Salt Squares.  I believe the word they used was ah-mazing 😉 

dancing deer

Let’s talk gifts for friends and family that you won’t get a chance to see this holiday season.  Or if you’re a business owner, for your clients.  Dancing Deer Baking Co. makes it SO easy to send a collection of delicious goodies down the block or across the country.

They have a wide variety of gourmet cookie and brownie gifts for all occasions from under $20 to upwards of $130 and everything in between. They even have NEW Gluten Free gift baskets and for their New Christmas Bakery Gift Plus they have taken all their best-selling Christmas Bakery Gift Assortments including their award-winning Molasses cookies and brownie and added one of their delicious pound cakes. And the new hamper-style gift box can come filled with lots of delicious treats.  Each hamper-style gift box is tied with grosgrain ribbon for a beautiful presentation.

Dancing Deer Bakery Co., kindly sent me this Classic Deer Gift Hamper. This elegant gift contains 30 delicious cookies and brownies: 8 of their award-winning Molasses cookies, 7 Chocolate Chip cookies, 7 Cranberry Orange White Chocolate Chip cookies, along with 4 each of their famous Chocolate Chunk brownies and Salted Caramel squares. 

While my family has more of a classic taste palate, I am adventurous.  One of the things I love the most about the holiday season is flavors.  So I was really excited to try the Cranberry Orange Cookies with White Chocolate Chips.  Doesn’t that just sound like an autumn flavor explosion on your taste buds?!  Well let me tell you they are so so good.  The combination of the fruit and sweet chocolate and the chewy texture –  it truly is perfection in a cookie!  It was hard for me to stop at one (well I had to try the rest of the baked goods out too!).  

I mean look how chockfull they are of yumminess.

Dancing Deer Baking Co., is a small company of people who are passionate about good food, vibrant communities, and a healthy environment.  Since 1994, they have been baking yummy cookies and brownies from scratch with the finest ingredients and their best ideas.  So go to http://www.dancingdeer.com – when I visited the site the first time, I received a pop-up for 20% off my first order!  Gifts start as low as $17.95. 

Also check out their ‘Gifts That Give Back‘ items where you can send a gift that truly gives back. The Sweet Home Project is Dancing Deer Baking Co.’s commitment to helping families move permanently out of poverty. Dancing Deer has partnered with One Family Inc., which help homeless and at-risk parents further their education with scholarship programs. To date, they have donated over $300,000 to this worthy cause. Send a Sweet Home Gift and Give Twice!

What items would you like to give (or receive!) from Dancing Deer Baking Co.?

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