Try SONIC’s New Holiday Mint Master Shake and Master Blast

I was given a gift card from SONIC for the purpose of purchasing a new Holiday Mint Master Blast to share my thoughts on it with you my readers.  Any opinions given are 100% my own. 

What Has Oreo Bits, Real Ice Cream and is Green All Over?

It’s SONIC’s New Holiday Mint Master Shake and Master Blast!!

For this holiday season, SONIC wanted to combine the seasonal flavors of mint and OREO cookie pieces to create a new festive dessert for their guests.  The new Holiday Mint Master Shake and Master Blast is available now for a limited time only

These desserts are hand-mixed and perfectly blended with SONIC’s Real Ice Cream, made with fresh milk and cream.

I have to admit, I am a big fan of the green shakes another restaurant puts out in March and was skeptical of this new Holiday Mint creation, but in all reality it was very good.  Actually better than good because… OREOs!  Really that was a great addition to the mint flavoring.  I think you really have to like mint to enjoy this flavor combo though.  My husband not so much a fan of it (which was fine with me, that means I didn’t have to share! LOL).  It really is a fun twist on a regular OREO Master Blast or Master Shake.  A perfect treat to swing around to your local SONIC for after doing some holiday shopping or tree trimming.  

I like that SONIC puts their Master Blasts in insulated cups, they do a reasonably good job at keeping the ice cream cold and thick on a car ride home if you aren’t able to eat them there.

Bring the family together at your local drive-in this season with the new Holiday Mint Master Shake and Master Blast. This seasonal treat is available for a limited time, so hurry over to your SONIC Drive-In.

With the holidays approaching rapidly, we are all on the lookout for fun new stocking stuffers. And guess what? Gift Cards make excellent stuffers for both children and adults alike! Why not grab a few $10 gift cards from your local SONIC, so your family and/or friends can get a couple of Master Shakes or Master Blasts on you?!

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