Dad to the Rescue for Small Home Fixes

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My parents are visiting this week to help us celebrate our daughter’s 16th birthday on Wednesday.

I love it when my Dad comes along with my Mom because he’s one of those guys that always needs to be doing something. So when we know he’s coming we save up all those little ‘fixes’ that need to be done around our home so he can be occupied while he’s here. This time around we have a bathroom vanity that needs some TLC and a crack in our bedroom wall for him to putter with. Usually it’s just simple things like that.

With them not living close by though, when a larger repaid is needed NOW, we have to find someone or a company around here to fix it up. We don’t want huge expenses, but still want quality work done, know what I mean?

We’ve been really happy with our home insurance policy, as it covers most emergency services, but that’s not the case with all companies or policies. If you’re looking for a home insurance policy with specific things websites like have home insurance price comparison services.

Sure some policies might be cheaper than other ones, but sometimes you get what you pay for. It’s important to us to know that certain services are covered under our home insurance policy since we don’t have family close by to rely on if we have to get something fixed, repaired or replaced immediately.

How about you? Are you a DIY’er for most repairs ,or do you ask family or friends, or hire professionals to help you out when you need to fix something around the home?

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