Weight Watchers Endorsed Green Giant Boxed Vegetables ~ Give Away

When people first meet me it’s unusual if they don’t make a comment on how tiny I am. I’m quite petite at only 4’9” in height and I weigh about 100 pounds (give or take depending on what time of the year it is LOL!). But it wasn’t always that way. I mean yeah I’ve always been short, but I wasn’t always that small weight wise. I tipped the scales at about 130 pounds at one point, and at 4’9”…that was definitely overweight for that height.

I used the Weight Watchers program to lose that 30+ pounds and I’ve kept it off for almost 10 years now (!) by still counting points when I start creeping up into a weight range I know is bordering on unhealthy.

Eating veggies is not something my family enjoys doing – but Green Giant Frozen Boxed Vegetables endorsed by Weight Watchers help make them not so ‘blah’ to their palates. Green Giant Frozen Boxed Vegetables are available in a bunch of different flavors, have only 1 or 2 Weight Watchers points per serving, and are quick to make. My family’s favorites are cauliflower and broccoli varieties…with cheese sauce of course!

If you’re interested in some fast and tasty recipes that use the Green Giant Boxed Vegetables endorsed by Weight Watchers – you can click the picture below.

From Quick Corn and Black Bean Soup to Broccoli and Chicken Topped Potatoes – even I can find something that my family will enjoy! You can save 60¢ on the purchase of two boxes with this coupon.

Cooking for one? Maybe lunch at work? Green Giant Just for One vegetable trays are smaller portions and are also Weight Watchers endorsed.

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