Dabby Dill & the HICCUP Pickle iPad Story App Review

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Dabby Dill & the HICCUP Pickle is an interactive iPad Story App that is full of fun.

Dabby Dill is a young girl that has a case of the hiccups.  She goes around to family and friends to find a way to cure them.  Everyone gives her advice on how to get rid of her hiccups but nothing seems to work, until she visits her Auntie NaNa for a special cure.

Dabby Dill & the HICCUP Pickle features bright and colorful pictures and animation on each page.  The story can be read in three ways; the child can listen to the narrator read it, they can read along with the story as the words are underlined, or they can read it themselves (or have a parent read to them).  I think the story is well written and provides plenty of entertainment for young kids.

Each page brings surprises as the child interacts with the objects on the screen.  Sounds and movements will delight the youngsters.  I love iPad apps like this because it’s the one place you can encourage youngsters to touch on everything (not something they get to hear a lot!).  Plus when you touch certain objects, pop ups come up with extra facts, a fun song to sing along with and even a pickle recipe!

Throughout the story some words are highlighted in bold and are different color than the rest of the text.  If the child touches those words a dictionary definition is revealed.

There’s also a fun memory game to play that is like “Simon,” in which the child has to press on the characters following a given pattern.

Dabby Dill & the HICCUP Pickle Game

This app should appeal to children between the ages of 3 to 8, and would be great fun to read and play when a child is experiencing their own “HICCUP Pickle!”  You can find Dabby Dill & the HICCUP Pickle on the App store for $2.99.

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