The Aerobic House Cleaning Lifestyle by Stevie Markovich

  All opinions are my own.
Book Description

Becoming healthier is not about a gym routine or new health club membership; it’s about a change of heart and change of attitude toward all physical activities that can be found in everyday life. The Aerobic House Cleaning Lifestyle is about helping the overweight get from point A to point Healthier as simply as possible. No weights. No gym. No Spandex. Just real stuff I have been doing since 1995 to stay fit.

I’ve always been the primary household manager around our home, so I was intrigued to review a book entitled “The Aerobic House Cleaning Lifestyle” thinking that I’d be able to follow a housekeeping routine that would also keep me fit.

Unfortunately this book isn’t quite what I expected.  Markovich makes it clear at the beginning of the book that the text wouldn’t have proper grammar as he was writing it in the way he thinks and speaks.  Since I’m very conscious of syntax when reading, even with the warning, I found it difficult to read because of that.

I did take away a couple of things from the book, ideas to make my house cleaning a bit more intensive in order to make it more of a workout, but I was hoping more for an actual routine to follow in order to accomplish an aerobic house cleaning lifestyle.  I don’t think a lot of the ideas within the book are practical for many people.

Maybe in the future I’ll consider trying some of the ideas to intensify my house cleaning to make it more aerobic, but for now I think I’ll stick to watching what I eat and taking a 30 minute walk every day.