Custom Rings

Without realizing it, I actually picked out my own engagement and wedding rings.  A normal visit to the shopping mall with my mom, always included a stop at the many jewelry shops in the mall, even before I started dating my husband.

We’d ooh and ahh over all the necklaces, rings, earrings and other pieces.  One day I was pointing out a wedding set that particularly appealed to me thinking nothing of it.

Imagine my surprise when my husband proposed and I received that same set!

We’ve been married over 17 years now, and I still enjoy wearing my rings.  When I lost a lot of weight, I thought of replacing them, rather than just having them resized and went to sites like to change the color, size, and cut of the stone to customize diamond rings.

I did end up just having my rings resized, as I couldn’t justify the cost of brand new rings, but it would be nice one day maybe for our 25th anniversary or an occasion like that, to have a hand-crafted or designer piece of jewelry to commemorate the date.  I think if I came into some $$ right now, I would consider getting a diamond eternity band to wear on my right hand or to change out with my wedding rings.

Do you have a custom designed ring in your jewelry arsenal?

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