Cinder iPhone 6S Screen Protection with Curved Glass

Ask any tech geek about what brand of protector you should put on your smartphone screen and you’ll probably get a number of answers, but the majority would agree that a glass protector is the way to go if you don’t want to run around with a naked screen.  Glass screen protector provide a layer of strength that hopefully absorb the impact if you should drop your phone in a way that would shatter your screen.  The downside to most of them though is that they only protect the very basic part of your screen, leaving the edges around it exposed and the edges susceptible to chipping.

A few months ago just before I got my iPhone 6s I read a Forbes article about a company called Cupert Technology who had just finished out a successful Indiegogo campaign for Cinder, a new kind of screen protector for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

Cinder iPhone 6s Screen Protection

Cinder iPhone 6sCupert Technology, Cinder Screen Protector (image: from Cupert Website)

What makes Cinder unique in the Iphone 6s screen protection market is that the protector is made from curved glass, and not just tempered glass but Corning glass.  Rather than just laying flat on your iPhone 6s screen it curves right around the the whole front face of the phone.  There are other products sort of like this, but the majority of those ones the curved edges are not made of glass they are fused with other materials.

The Cinder is sleek too coming in at just 0.20 mm, which is incredibly slim, and ForceTouch works just like it would if you had a naked screen.

Cinder iPhone 6sCupert Technology, Cinder Screen Protector (image: from Cupert Website)

The packaging contains all you need to install it on your screen, the protector itself of course and then an alcohol wipe, cloth to clean your screen along with a dust removal kit and a plastic wipe that puts a static charge on the screen (makes the protector easier to install as it is attracted to the screen that way).

Don’t be worried if there are a few bubbles under the edges or sides of the screen at first, they should dissipate by themselves after a few hours.

One thing to note about the Cinder is that because of its curved edges and edge to edge protection it limits the cases you can use with it.  A lot of cases will left the edge of the protector hence making it useless.  Cupert Technology though has a list of cases that do work well with the screen protector though and as current owners try different cases out on their own, they update the list.

You can order Cinder on the Cupert Technology website for $39.99 for the 4.7″ iPhone 6 and 6s and for $44.99 for the 5.5″ iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus.  Both sizes come in both White and Black options.  Please notice. US customers: In order to receive your product before Christmas, orders have to be made before December 16th.

Cupert Technology supplied a sample of Cinder.

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