Do you Love Traveling? Here are a Few Car Inspection Tips

Your car should always be well maintained to keep it in the best condition possible. Many people are reluctant to travel with their cars or go on long road trips, because they are not sure about their functionality or safety.

If your vehicle breaks down while you are on the road, this can disrupt your trip and bring your journey to an abrupt end. You can avoid problems with a few but essential checks to guarantee a trouble-free road trip.


Check Fluids

As you make your travel plans, give yourself enough time to get any vehicle repairs done. If the car requires maintenance, it should be carried out in a timely manner. This will enable you to have adequate time to address any problems or repairs. Begin by checking fluids such as coolant. If any of the fluids need to be changed, make sure this is done to keep the vehicle protected.

Car Inspection Tips


The tires should be properly inflated with the required amount of pressure. Low pressure results in excessive build up of heat that can cause a blowout when you drive fast. You can refer to your manual for instructions regarding the appropriate tire pressure.

The tread will also determine whether or not you need to invest in new tires. You also need to ensure that your spare tire is in good condition. It should be properly inflated and all the equipment that is required for changing a tire should be made available before your trip. Click here to schedule a car inspection.



Shortly before traveling, make sure that all scheduled maintenance is carried out. If your vehicle is due for any maintenance, it should be done in good time. This includes procedures such as an oil change, which is vital for the functionality of the car.

Inspect the tires again to confirm that the pressure has been retained since you last checked. An aspect that compromises effective fuel use is dirty air filter. Air filters are affordable and can be easily changed. Check on your air filter to determine whether or not it needs to be cleaned or changed.


It is always a good idea to have a road map in your car in case you lose direction or want to drive to an unfamiliar place. It is advisable to have your manual and any other important documentation with you during your trip. Your registration should be valid for the duration of your travel.


Final Tasks

Clean your car thoroughly so that it can run as smoothly as possible. It is also much more enjoyable to ride around in a clean car. Travelling with a lot of items in your car burns more fuel. Make an effort to clear out your vehicle and get rid of anything that you will not need during the trip.

2015 GMC Acadia Denali

Once again, before packing, ensure that the tire pressure is suitable for your load. You can go to the gas station and have your tires inflated accordingly.  Make sure that you have enough gas in your tank. Avoid overloading your car and enjoy the journey.


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2 thoughts on “Do you Love Traveling? Here are a Few Car Inspection Tips

  1. I love your suggestion to have your car maintained before going on a road trip! I’ve never thought of doing that before, but after a recent crazy break down a couple weeks ago, I might have to make a habit of it. In fact, I think if it’s pretty close to its regular inspection I’ll just bump that up and do those before I leave instead of waiting until afterward. It just makes more sense that way!

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