Christmas Reading List – “Obsessed With Marvel”

Christmas Gift Guide

In an effort to cover books for all age groups and genres on my Christmas Gift Guide, if I didn’t include something for all those comic lovers out there I’d be remiss.  So I want to share Obsessed With Marvel:  Test Your Knowledge of the Marvel Universe, by Peter Sanderson.  So, here we go!

What’s It All About?

This is the Marvel Comic Fanatic’s ulitmate challenge.  It’s more than just a trivia book, it’s an interactive game that includes an electronic scoring module that allows readers to quiz themselves or compete against a friend.  With 2500 questions covering the expansive Marvel Universe, it’s easy to test who really knows the difference between Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099.  Featuring every character from the original Fantastic Four to Nick Fury’s Howling Commandos, to the Incredible Hulk.  It also has tidbits on legendary Marvel developers and artists, and artwork from the classic comics, Obsessed With Marvel is a treat for every comic book fan.

Maybe it’s because I love superheroes, or maybe it’s because I love trivia, but either way, I read this book with enthusiasm.

Why?  Because it’s cool and interesting.  It’s fun to have a book become interactive.  There is a lot of unique content in here, and it challenges Marvel fans to think and maybe even learn something along the way!  It is even more fun to participate in the pages with a friend (or maybe not if you lose, haha!).

For those that have been reading Marvel comic books for years, it may bring back some memories of the first one they read.  This is a book that will make a real connection with them.  It’s a really, really good gift for them.

Obsessed With Marvel:  Test Your Knowldege of the Marvel Universe is available at Chronicle Books for $29.95.  Don’t forget to save some $$ with the promo code FRIENDS which will get you 35% off & Free Shipping until December 5th.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I wrote this feature on behalf of Chronicle Books and was supplied with a sample and information through them, the review and opinions are my own.


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