Stocking Stuffers for the Grown Ups

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Those of you who are searching for stocking stuffers for the grown ups on your list might find a few ideas in this post.

If you have a traveler, someone with circulatory problems or a pregnant lady on your list, you might want to stuff their stockings, with well, stockings!  Compression stockings and socks that is.

I know what you’re thinking… socks..really?  But it’s a great idea.  If you are completely clueless on what to look for let me help you out a bit, by sharing with you a quality brand. 

I got to review some FUTURO brand compression stockings.  There are huge benefits to wearing compression socks, especially for people that suffer from diabetes and arthritis.  These socks are made to help the blood in the legs circulate.  When wearing my FUTURO socks/stockings, my legs really feel invigorated.  They are especially helpful if you have to sit or stand for long periods of time in one spot, that’s why they’re a must have for travelers.  They lessen the symptoms of swelling and soreness in your feet.  FUTURO socks are not just healthful and made from quality material they are also great looking, and no one else will even know you’re wearing them.

For the athlete, both amateur and professional, consider putting ACE Bandages and Compresses in their stockings.

For arms and legs that hurt, ACE™ Braces & SupportsThe ACE™ Brand offers a full line of braces, bandages, sports tape and hot & cold therapy products. ACE Brand is your assurance of superior quality and comfort.

Cold Compresses help relieve pain and swelling fast and ACE provides the soothing relief without the drippy mess of ice cubes.  A small, marvelous ideal gift for the ‘weekend warrior’s’ stocking!

I’d like to share some Post-it products with you that would be perfect for teachers, moms, and students.

Post-it Designer Notes Magnetic Notepad – These super sticky pages allow for a bit of fun when writing lists and notes.  The magnet on the back allows it to be placed, on a fridge, file cabinet or locker!

Post-it Personal Journals – A cute, chic way to throw some Post-it notes in your hand bag.  Keeping them in one place without getting all crumpled.  You can always have some sticky notes with you at all times!

Post-it Calendaring Products – Organize your week in style, and make sure it sticks to where ever you put it!

And do you know what?  I love finding Post-it Notes in my stocking! 

All of these products and more can be found online at

“I wrote this blog post on behalf of 3M and received samples and information through Laforce-Stevens to facilitate my post.”

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