chicBuds – Listening Never Looked So Good!

The Relay for Life 2010, was the first ever fundraiser walk I have participated in.  At Relay, teams of people camp out at a local venue and take turns walking or running around a track or path. Each team is asked to have a representative on the track at all times during the event. Because cancer never sleeps, Relays are overnight events up to 24 hours in length.

Our Girl Scout Troop walked on July 30th.   The event was supposed to take place at our local stadium.  However because a signifcant amount of rain had fallen the evening before, the grass on the ball field was too wet.  So they moved it to the convention center, where we ended up walking inside, which while crowded was a lot cooler than if we had walked outside!

The Drum Line started the evening out with a Survivor’s Lap around, and later on in the evening there was a live band that played.  Which was kind of neat since a lot of people (like me!) walk to music.

I was super excited when chicBuds agreed to be a sponsor of Cancer Research Awareness Week.

I get to use my chicBuds in Watermelon as I walk to my tunes.

chicBuds are made with a retractable cord, that has 5 settings.  I love that I can adjust it to my preference.  Also attached to the retractable device is a clip that you can use to conveniently attach to your shirt front or pocket, making it not just functional but decorative too.  The clip stops cords from bouncing around and the retractable device prevents tangling when not in use.  You can slip your iPod right into a shirt pocket, and then secure your earphone cord by clipping it on.  You get quality sound from these tiny little guys too. 

Can you see how great the crystals look in the photo above?  Each set of chicBuds has about 85 crystal pieces.  So cute!  And chicBuds earphones are compatible with the iPod, iPhone, MP3 player, CD player, airplane connectors… basically any listening device.

How chicBuds makes a difference:

chicBuds has two Breast Cancer Awareness editions.  One comes in black the other in white.  An excellent way to show off your dedication to fighting cancer.  Whether you’re sporting it at a fundraising event, buying it for a loved one who may want to listen to music during treatments, or are a survivor.  These beautiful chicBuds will share your message with a sparkle.  The Breast Cancer Awareness editions are $48.00 and 10% of the sales go to the Susan Komen Foundation.

You can purchase chicBuds at and you can also connect with them on Facebook.

Thank you chicBuds for showing awareness and donating in the fight against cancer.